Text by Valeria Sgarella
Illustrations by Paolo Moscheni

This fan book is a tribute to Billie Eilish, to her music and her commitment, a positive example for millions of youth around the world!

The book tells about her life, albums, videos, passions, and social commitment through short texts and illustrations. Furthermore, a short graphic novel tells an important episode in her life, the gorgeous encounter with Justin Bieber at Coachella.
A mix of languages, including visual ones, which will excite all her fans, from the youngest to the oldest, from the most curious to the most cultured!
Valeria Sgarella is a freelance journalist and writer. For over 25 years she has worked in the radio business, and at MTV Italy. As a journalist, she has covered over 30 years of music, focusing on alternative/indie rock. As a writer she has written three books focusing on the Seattle music scene.
Paolo Moscheni is an illustrator. His drawings are always born in pencil but become digital in the coloring phase. Passionate about Miyazaki and graffiti, the influences of the world of Japanese manga and anime and American street art are both recognizable in his stroke.
22x30 cm
40 colour pages + endpapers
15 illustrations + 5 pages of graphic novel
3.000 words Hardcover
music lovers
celebrity fans