Gertrude Stein - Beside Books

Text by Valentina Grande
Illustrations by Eva Rossetti

A graphic novel describing the link between Art and Literature, between America and France during twentieth-century avant-gardes, between love, personal passions and gender issues.

Gertrude Stein was born in Allegheny City in 1874 from a wealthy Jewish family of German origin and died in Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1946. She studied experimental psychology and neurology at the John Hopkins University. In 1903 she settled in Paris where she lived with her brother Leo and then with her inseparable Alice B. Toklas, her partner until her death. Artists and writers, American and European, met every Saturday in her house on Rue de Fleurus: Copland, Sherwood Anderson, E. Hemingway, F.S. Fitzgerald, Braque, Matisse and Picasso, all representatives of what she ironically called the “lost generation”.

Stein’s story is told by Hemingway, Picasso and Matisse, who through three chapters reveal us different aspects of her life. The first chapter is told by Pablo Picasso. The Spanish painter describes his friendship with Stein. Picasso tells about the long chats on art and the life he shared with her. In the second chapter there is a change of linguistic register brought about by the frank voice of Ernest Hemingway, who lets us enter the famous apartment on Rue de Fleurus to get to know the lost generation; the author focuses on the sentimental geography that binds Stein and himself to the United States and Paris. The last chapter is dedicated to the memories of Matisse, loved and badly tolerated by Stein at the same time. The French artist had closed his relation with the writer after she had described him as a profiteer in some of her publications. Here he is the one showing the writer’s dark sides: her oppressive relationship with her partner Alice, passionate about cooking, and her haughty attitude towards many artists.
Valentina Grande is a school teacher and author. In 2017 she wrote the screenplay for the graphic novel Il mio Salinger, published by BeccoGiallo and drawn by Eva Rossetti. In 2019 BeccoGiallo published Raymond Carver, una storia, while in 2020 Centauria released Feminist Art, designed by Eva Rossetti.
Eva Rossetti is an illustrator and author of comics. In 2017 she signed the designs and colors of the Graphic Novel Il mio Salinger, published by Becco Giallo and written by Valentina Grande, with whom she also published Feminist Art, released by Centauria.
17x24 cm
128 pages
literature and art lovers