Text by Francesco Matteuzzi
Illustrations by Valerio Pastore

The Paris of the late 19th century is the Paris of lights, progress, beauty and the certainty of a bright future. It is the Paris of art, of Pigalle cabarets, of the artists’ ateliers on Montmartre hill, of the Moulin Rouge and cancan. It is Toulouse-Lautrec’s Paris!

I tried to reveal the truth, not the ideal. Maybe it is a mistake, because I can’t hide flaws.
- Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

An iconic and powerful artist who sets out to follow his own unprecedented and seminal path starting from a substantially Impressionist imprinting, Lautrec dedicates himself to the people of the night: to the customers of bars, to dancers and prostitutes he portrays without filters in all their truth, scandalizing the right-minded people.
The posters known as “Moulin Rouge”, “Divan Japonais” and “Jane Avril” are among the most emblematic of his time and mark the transition to a new era, where art is hung on the street and massively reproduced.
This graphic novel is a portrait of the artist and a tribute to his works, a journey to fin de siècle Paris with its cabarets, its chansonniers and its magical atmospheres... Atmospheres still reverberating before our eyes today thanks to Lautrec, whenever we admire one of his paintings, his drawings or his amazing posters.
Francesco Matteuzzi is a journalist and screenwriter. He was editor-in-chief of the magazine “Fumo di China” and wrote graphic novels dedicated to the lives of Mark Rothko, Hokusai, Anna Politkovskaya and Philip K. Dick. He teaches screenwriting and storytelling at the Padua branch of the International School of Comics.
Valerio Pastore is a cartoonist and illustrator. With the BeccoGiallo publishing house he published the graphic biography dedicated to Raymond Carver.
17x24 cm
128 pages
art lovers