Text by Balthazar Pagani
Illustrations by Caterina Di Paolo

A story of fantasy set in everyday life; a light-hearted reading for both children and teens; a book designed to inspire young people with the philosophical principles and teachings of Buddhist spirituality.

One day a child meets Buddha in a department store. Or maybe he's just a wise man, a contemporary maestro of ancient philosophy. It's a casual and simple meeting, but in its own way it is also mystical, symbolical, and magical. A life-changing encounter.
The story of this meeting offers young readers a way to learn about Buddha, his words, and the basics tenets of his philosophy.
Balthazar Pagani is a professional raconteur whose stories become books. As a publisher, he has published numerous editions, some of which have had international success. As an editor, he loves to work behind the scenes. And, occasionally, he writes- especially the he's passionate about the subject.
Caterina Di Paolo works with books, something she has wanted to do ever since she was a child. Sometimes she reads them, sometimes she designs them, and occasionally she illustrates them. She adores Gianni Rodari, eggplant parmesan, orange tabby cats, and drawing. Her pet peeves include artificial saffron, cross-country running, cotton wool, and writing on wet liquid paper.
17x24 or 21x30 cm
32 colour pages + endpapers
20 illustrations
1.400 words Hardcover + jacket
People in search of spiritual guidance
People who enjoy asking themselves questions about life